Saturday, January 31, 2015

Looks matter when you are selling your home. Avoid these top staging missteps to make sure your home snags a killer price. 1. Too Much Specific Personal Style Now’s not the time to unleash your inner decorator and show off your style. Keep it simple and classic. Stick to neutrals. Buyers want to picture themselves in a home, so make it a blank slate that they will imagine living there lives in. furniture and accessories fresh and current. Id doesn't need to look like a sterile showroom, though. It’s okto add a few pops of color or pieces or art so long as it’s not too distracting or extreme. 2. Dirt and Clutter Potential buyers will be looking in the closets you shoved everything into, and a mess (no matter how well you think it’s hidden) is a turnoff. The same goes for dirt, smudges and grime throughout the home. If you you aren’t great housekeepers, invest in a professional to clean before open houses and showings. A messy, dirty house isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, but in a competitive market it could very well be the distraction that sways buyers in favor of another property. 3. The House is Too Hot or Too Cold We want buyers to feel a sense of — “Ahh” — comfort and relief when they enter your home. It’s impossible for buyers to fully appreciate the great features of the home if they ditch out early because they’re distracted by their own shivering…or sweating. 4. It Smells Buyers are assessing a home with all of their senses, and the sense of smell should not be overlooked. Even if the space is neat and doesn't have the odor of an unclean home, the sellers’ menagerie of pets or habit of simmering big vats of chili in the kitchen all weekend could have equally deleterious effects. Get the house a professional deep clean and air out the place before showings, because there aren’t enough cake batter candles in the world to mask certain odors (and that would be a horrible combination, anyway). 5. The Home Needs Key Renovations Your home probably doesn't need a complete overhaul (and if it does, that’s a whole other issue), but if it needs some important updates, acknowledge it, and work with Heather to do everything you can to do what it takes to get your home sold for the best price possible and minimal investment. Sometimes it can be as small as new cabinet hardware, paint, and light fixtures, or a larger investment, like new kitchen appliances. Counting on Heather for expert advice on the best places to spend money for the biggest impact on buyers. Call or email for a free report that puts the info and the power in your hands when determining how much you could or should sell your home for. Heather Elise Maier, Your Real Estate Agent Samson Properties LLC email: Cell Phone: 305-281-1873 SELLING: 4 1/2 % commission for sellers BUYING: Top shelf service you should expect from your agent RENTING: No Fee When Finding Your Rental Home Ask me about: Free Home Warranties Available Give Back Programs (Charities can earn aprox $3,000 + per year working with Heather) Solid Investment Properties Handyman Specials

Friday, January 31, 2014

YOU CAN RAISE $4,600.00 IN ONE YEAR FOR YOUR CHARITY. That's what you get when you work with Heather Maier.

I think it is probably true that we carry who we are into every aspect of how we do business.

For me, these things are inseparable.

I choose to conduct my business in a way that reflect my personal values and good will for the world, and to work for someone who shares those same values.

Doing good while doing well as always been my personal aim in all my endeavors. I like proving that you can be both profitable and kind.

Doing good and doing the right thing is the best business practice in my opinion.

That is why I partner with various charities, and I pledge 10% of my commission back to charities who send me clients.


Most organizations know at least 9 people who will buy rent or sell in Northern Virginia this year:

Send them to Heather Maier & EARN MONEY FOR YOUR CHARITY!

(Based on most conservative averages for this area)

  • 3 renters - $100 -  FOR YOUR CHARITY

  • 3 Home Buyers - $2,250.00 - FOR YOUR CHARITY

  • 3 Home Sellers - $2,250.00 - FOR YOUR CHARITY



So why not make money for your favorite charity while doing what you are planning to do anyhow?

I really believe in the circle of good, and that living and working around the practice of goodness is indeed the solution to many of the worlds ills.  That is why I chose the Fibonacci sequence images to express this belief.

Just Like the science behind the Fibonacci sequence, 
the practice of caring for others builds upon itself and expands naturally.  

The world needs more good. 

How about you and I do some good together?

Give Heather a call and see how 
can help your charity today.

PS: When a charity sends me a client, I automatically send them a written pledge, so they know to expect their donation soon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How You Can Get a Home for Half Price

No, this is not a joke. Not a prank.  Not a gimmick.

The government has a little known program called the 'Good Neighbor Next Door' Program.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency, HUD for short, has properties all across the country that they sell for 1/2 price of what the current market value is.

So if a house is listed for $100,000, you could get it for $50,000.

You can sell it after 3 years and keep the profit.


How it works:

  • The government has an inventory of houses located in Revitalization Areas
  • They offer these homes for 50% of list price
  • In return you commit to live there for 3 years.
  • Also the  FHA Insured Mortgage Program can make down payment as low as $100

Who is eligible:

  • Law enforcement
  • Pre-K- 12 Teachers
  • Firefighters
  • EMT's

Why they do it:

  • HUD wants to strengthen Americas communities

The catch:

  • You sign a silent second mortgage for the other 50% that you must repay if you move or sell in less than the three year period.

The property inventory changes weekly.

Check it out the link below, and don't forget to come to Heather Maier when you are moving, buying, selling or looking to rent in the Northern Virginia area.  
I'll treat you right!

That's it!  If you found this information helpful 

please share it with a friend!

Best wishes,

Heather Maier



Link directly to government website: